Venzyme Venture Catalyst

About Us

Venzyme was founded in 1998 and has succeeded repeatedly in propelling technologies and companies to success. We work side-by-side with inventors and their teams to build resilient, focused organizations that efficiently and speedily bring technologies to market.

Our passion is to build companies around technologies which can change the world and have a major, positive impact on people's lives. Our recent projects have involved health-related technologies, but we have succeeded across many industries like energy, logistics, software/services and manufacturing.

Guided by our core principles, Venzyme has consistently delivered value to inventors, entrepreneurs, institutions and investors. We are experienced executives and entrepreneurs who know what it means to be accountable for making things happen. At Venzyme, we use our significant experience commercializing technology, enhancing financabilty, building teams, and coaching management to fill capability gaps and make sure management is focused on the issues that are critical to success.

We do not just supply recommendations: we roll-up our sleeves to help you make things happen. We align our incentives with the long term success of our clients because we can and have made the difference. Let us make the difference for you.