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Building Teams

Building an effective team is the most important and most difficult task an executive faces. Having the right people makes the difference between meeting goals and missing deadlines; between navigating complex waters and running aground on unseen rocks. However, finding good people is enormously time consuming. In-house staff and even retained recruiters typically do a poor job of understanding what an executive really needs. Further, in the rush to get a job filled quickly, they often look less broadly and screen less deeply presenting merely "adequate" candidates. As a result, the executive must either must settle for a "B" team, or take big chunks of time away from other critical tasks in order to both drive the recruiting process and sift through a large pool of candidates. Since finding good candidates takes very different skills from running a company, executives often end up with a "B" team even if they try to do all the recruiting work themselves.

As seasoned executives who have built many "A" teams, we don't think any growing enterprise can tolerate this dilemma. Therefore, Venzyme's approach is different. We join your team to help you build your team following a five step process which we have proven produces optimal results:

Identify Holes Refine Requirements Source Broadly Screen Thoroughly Executive Interview Company Interview

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Identify Holes

We start by doing an assessment of your story. Using our proprietary framework, we can rapidly identify soft or missing spots and develop a prioritized plan for getting you back on track.


In part because our model is different and more effective, we can help you build teams for significantly less than it would cost you to hire a national retained search factory. We offer a unique approach to changing for our efforts, as well as a more traditional model if that is your preference:


We have successfully built teams for ourselves and for others - in a wide range of industries: from software, to professional services, to manufacturing/logistics to healthcare. We can do the same for you. For some examples, see our Case Studies section.