Venzyme Venture Catalyst


Thermalin Diabetes, LLC

ThermalinVenzyme was hired to organize and lead this Cleveland-based biotechnology company built around the large portfolio of next generation insulin analogs invented by Dr. Michael Weiss, Chairman of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve Medical School. Thermalinís analogs address significant unmet needs in insulin-based diabetes management. Venzyme helped license the technology; recruit the team and board of directors; formulate finance, strategy, clinical and business plans; and raise capital. Venzyme continues to be actively involved in the management, strategy, operation, and financing of Thermalin.

InCytu, Inc.

InCytuHarvard University hired Venzyme to form a company around a revolutionary stem cell delivery system developed by Professor David Mooney. The result was InCytu, a Rhode Island based company which is developing an in situ bioreactive device for regenerative medicines and cancer vaccines. Venzyme helped improve the intellectual property, developed market, and partnering strategies, found the management team, and raised the initial capital. Venzyme continues active involvement, focusing on financing, financial management, and strategic advice.

Heartlander Surgical, LLC.

Heartlander SurgicalThis Massachusetts-based medical devices company, was formed to commercialize the HeartLander, a breakthrough robotic surgery platform developed at Carnegie Mellon University. HeartLander can be used to perform a wide-variety of minimally-invasive, epicardial procedures on a beating heart. Venzyme helped form the company, locate initial financing, formulate Heartlander's strategy and business plan, and lead negotiations with corporate partners. Venzyme continues to be actively involved in the management of the company.

PersonaDX, Inc.

PersonaDXRoswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY hired Venzyme to determine whether a company might be formed around a genetic diagnostic test developed there to estimate the likelihood of distant metastasis for patients with breast or prostate cancers. The result was PersonaDX Inc., a reference laboratory company tasked with offering genetic tests with specific value in selecting therapies. Venzyme formed, organized, and launched PersonaDX, recruited the management team, supervised the build-out of their laboratory, and raised almost $6M in capital for it. Venzyme continued to play a key role on the PersonaDX management team, focusing on clinical study design, financing, and systems.


MedicagoVenzyme re-conveyed technology and economic value proposition and vitalized customer progress of this bioactive protein pharming company.

Morepace Pharma Group

MPVenzyme professionals resurrected, re-launched and rebuilt this pharmaceutical market research services company, realizing $2M in revenue in first year.*

Channel Health

Channel HealthVenzyme professionals developed and implemented a plan which led to sale of this health information company for $8M within 6 months of its launch.

Venzyme professionals created business model, customer pipeline, and substantial patent portfolio for this entertainment program marketing application developer.



Venzyme professionals refocused sales effort and segment-specific value proposition for this medical imaging equipment company.*


ActivBioticsVenzyme professionals developed broad IP portfolio and secured $300k in initial financing to launch this biotech company from its university base. The company raised over $60M in financing before failing to achieve its endpoints in its pivotal Phase II study.