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We know what it takes to Launch, Finance and Succeed...

Are you an inventor with a great idea?

Are you and institution with such an inventor?

Do you think you are ready to start a business? Think again.

Too many technology companies die before birth - or shortly after - because a great scientific team fancied themselves to be entrepreneurs. Just because an inventor sees potential in a technology doesn't mean that there is a viable business in it or that the inventor is fully prepared to make that business succeed.

Business success has little to do with what someone can imagine a technology doing for the world - and everything to do with whether a company can offer a product, service or technology to the right customers at the right time at the right price.

Nonetheless, lots of technologists try to start their own companies using their own opinions about what should happen and when. Even a brilliant cardiologist wouldn't do surgery on his own brain. Yet that's exactly what happens when a scientist tries to run his own business operations. The scientist, like the cardiologist, needs to bring in an operating professional.

That is where we come in. Venzyme Venture Catalyst professionals have helped launch a great many companies. We know how to figure out if there is enough money-making potential in a technology to justify starting a company around it. We know how to focus an effort on markets that will really pay - and soon. And we know how to help assemble a team which will carry the ball forward so the company can succeed and the scientists can do what they are best at.

Before you waste too much of your valuable time trying to re-invent the wheel of launching a company, contact us today! We will make sure it gets done right.

When investors look at a company, they almost always find pieces missing, and move along to the next opportunity. Do you know where the holes are in your company's story? Do you know how to fill them effectively? Since you only get one shot at each investor, we can help make sure that you meet or exceed all their expectations.

Through dozens of years working with investors and small companies, both as management and as investors ourselves, Venzyme professionals have learned what's needed for a successful venture and how to put those pieces in place.

Every day you put off starting to fill-in the missing pieces, is another day's worth of cash you are burning - with no way of getting it back. Contact us today!

No successful executive ever thinks he has everything he needs to realize his firm's full potential. If you or your executives think you do, you have a problem.

Businesses always have capability gaps; teams almost always have holes. We find that companies' sales management, marketing, compensation, operations, financial, IT, and/or other systems typically fall far short of what is appropriate given the current size of their businesses.

We have helped dozens of companies succeed by better marshaling their resources. We believe there are two keys to success:

  • Figure out what to prioritize and make sure those things get done - so your team does more of the right things and wastes less time on the wrong ones.
  • Move quickly to add the proper talent in the appropriate positions.

When Venzyme professionals get involved, we become part of the executive team. We coach executives to identify and prioritize gaps. Where needed, we even do some of the work. We do what it takes to help companies succeed and are not afraid to apply "tough love" when it is needed! Contact us today!