Venzyme Venture Catalyst


Richard W. Berenson - Managing Director:

Richard W. BerensonRick has been leading organizations and developing practical, break-through strategy for more than twenty years. He has been CEO or COO at nine companies -- brought in by the investors on an interim basis to effect a new strategic direction. Rick has worked across a broad range of industries and can master new technologies and markets with speed -letting him get right to work addressing the fundamental business issues which otherwise keep you from succeeding.


David Tischler - Associate:

David TischlerDavid has been actively involved in developing new scientific technologies since early in his professional career. His scientific background matched with his organizational ability and enthusiasm allows him to work effectively with young companies in many fields. His entrepreneurial drive and passion for creating commercially viable therapies has led him to Venzyme, where he assists client companies in a wide variety of projects.


Fran Rubin - Executive Recruiter:

Fran RubinFran brings over 20 years of experience in helping clients to develop and implement innovative recruitment, retention, downsizing and outplacement strategies. She brings extensive cross-industry knowledge from serving both Fortune 500 and startup companies within the consulting, technology, healthcare, biotechnology, financial services, and retail sectors.